Welcome Home to Real Estate in Albuquerque
Susan Blackwell

Tips for Sellers

Avoid Mistakes:


1. Setting their price too high because of personal needs or emotions rather than fair market value.

2. Failing to “showcase” their home by highlighting the best features.

3. Signing a listing contract with no way out.

4. Choosing an agent for the wrong reason (i.e. based on ads or company popularity).

5. No knowing their legal rights and obligations.

Prevention Tips:

1. Consult with a professional real estate agent who can prepare a CMA (Competitive Market Analysis) to assist you in pricing your home correctly.

2. Thoroughly clean, repair, and ready your home for showing before putting it on the market. Tag upgrades and special features so Buyers see them.

3. Make sure your listing contract allows you to cancel, no questions asked.

4. Select your listing agent only after meeting them and getting comfortable with their marketing, plan, track record, and relationship with you.

5. Work with an agent who is¬†knowledgeable and trustworthy. Contracts are legally binding. Who’s looking out for your interests in the transaction?